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Chazz Razzlowski

Spawned from the very bowels of Satan himself, your host Chazz Razzlowski was born on Cabela Drive, in Reno Nevada. To this day, he resides on the ranch having never stepped off the property for the entirety of his life. He was graced at the ripe age of 3 with the eternal blessing of the all-mighty Magar. The catch, you ask? Chazz had to relinquish any hopes of being literate in order to carry on his noble battle to delivering the fullest of rones to the uninitiated mortal populous. Dictated, not read.


Tom PrepsThis is a picture of Tom Preps

Enter your friendly neighborhood magar. A recovering root beer addict, Tom Preps spent the first half of his life as captain of the steamboat “Antoinette” giving tours along the entire 2300 mile Mississippi River. After an apparition in the form of a bottomless Bill Cosby, Tom Preps decided it was time for a change of pace. Feeling as if he owed something to the world, he journeyed out west to find a Mormon bride of his own, however, it was only a matter of time until he stumbled upon the Ranch of Magar. Having been happily married to his faithful great dane, Lucy Fur-Preps, for over a decade, Tom is proud to call the Magar Hour home and bring you quality programming every night.


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Teddyboy Greg the Barber

Teddyboy Greg is the realest, and only, Teddyboy in America. He normally cuts hair for billionaire rap moguls. But, because no billionaire rap moguls exist, he is forced to cut hair on the streets of LA, fading his way across town every which way but loose. He is on a mission to tattoo every inch of his of body, with his face already fully covered. He gets tattooed by the best artists in the world, so ya’ll can suck his motherfuckin’ dick.